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She's Got Moxie

Feb 14, 2024

Today's guest Diana Winston is the Director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC). She is the author of the book The Little Book of Being, and co-author of Fully Present: The Science, Art and Practice of Mindfulness. The LA Times calls her one of the nation’s best-known teachers of mindfulness.”

In this episode, Diana shares her wisdom on how mindfulness (when done consistently) can have dramatic effects on our mental & physical health. We also talk about the importance of the prefrontal cortex as the CEO of the brain and how to harness the power of mindfulness to grow in other areas of your life outside of your job.

“We get checked out of life and mindfulness is that invitation back into appreciating being present in life, not being on autopilot. ” - Diana Winston

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